GOAP - Goal Oriented Action Planning

May 31, 2015
In order to create a more realistic and dynamic form of artificial intelligence, A State Machine that only affects the entities really is not going to cut it. After doing some research, a method I came across called "Goal Oriented Action Planning," or "GOAP" for short, is a way to create broad goals for the artificial intelligence to complete, as well as pre-defined actions that the AI can use to complete it's goal, and it will logically choose what action is best. For example, if the civilization is running low on food, it won't create a bunch of lumberjacks or build houses, it will build docks and fishing ships.

oh did I not mention fishing ships?

I am working on the newest update, and with school out for the year, I should be able to work on this project much more frequently.


May 18, 2015
Today we have decided to work on this project once again. After a week of not being very productive after submitting the project for NLC (Sector Shm'up), we were trying to decide what to work on, and decided to come back to this project.

This update is just what was added today:
  1. Lumberjacks and Farmers do their job
  2. Lumberjacks and Farmers start in the center now
  3. Updated pathfinding (they attempt to avoid water)
  4. removed a lot of unnecessary files so the file size is much much smaller
  5. The game works...

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Real Quick, this is cool!

July 6, 2014
Just added a quick noise function to change the color of each tile other than water to between +0.05 and -0.05 what it normally is. I think this simple act made a pretty cool and substantial result, considering it was 1 line of code.

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Shadows, shadows, shadows. Oh my!

July 6, 2014
So due to other commitments I haven't had much time to work on this project. This evening I decided that I at least needed to get basic shadows working. Shortly after finishing writing my post last time, I changed from a blocky-rendering technique to one where it just takes one pixel for each height from the height value and then connects and colors those accordingly. This mostly gets rid of the weird glitch that I was having before, but sometimes I will still see things flashing, I'll figure...
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The Third Dimension

June 25, 2014
You ever get that speed bug bite? You write code that every time you want to run it or test it it takes 15 or more seconds and you feel like nothing is getting done? That's how I was feeling with the python voronoi map generator. every time I tried to tweak something to make it a little bit better it would take anywhere from 15 to 30 seconds depending on what I added or what size I had the map at. I've started to learn a bit of Java recently and I figured this might be an interesting place to...
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VillagerSim 1.1.0 and Important info

June 5, 2014
Random World Generation Added!
  • New Voronoi map generation engine (alpha)
  • Every time the game is loaded a new map is created
  • Still a work in progress
  • Contrast a little low, so snow is kind of rare (under inspection)

Source code will as of now only be updated on Github.
  • The code is now here
If anything is wrong or not working please send an email at the contact us page

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VillagerSim 1.0.5 released!

March 5, 2014
Version 1.0.5 is released! look at all the neat stuff!

  - Animation
  - Lumberjacks
  - Builders
  - Baby trees
  - Better Farmers

  - The entities are still limited to top 15x15 tiles of the map ( except for builders )
  - No path algorithms ( yet! )
  - buildings cost no wood ( just balancing the costs a bit more )

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New Update

March 3, 2014
Large update planned for Tomorrow! hoping for animation, lumberjacks, and builders! 
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First Post, Game playable

March 2, 2014
A cool game we've been working on. The goal is to get a small group of villagers to grow and colonize a world. Right now the villagers aren't exactly working, but the engine is.
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