Today we have decided to work on this project once again. After a week of not being very productive after submitting the project for NLC (Sector Shm'up), we were trying to decide what to work on, and decided to come back to this project.

This update is just what was added today:
  1. Lumberjacks and Farmers do their job
  2. Lumberjacks and Farmers start in the center now
  3. Updated pathfinding (they attempt to avoid water)
  4. removed a lot of unnecessary files so the file size is much much smaller
  5. The game works natively on windows, linux, and Mac OS (Mac OS untested)

We will continue to work on this over the week

the AI still has some problems, and there are still quite a few bugs, but the game should be "playable"

The code has been moved to a new GitHub repository and we encourage people to take the code and learn or change it if they so please.

NOTE: If the Lumber Mill is in the center is in water, restart the game.