The last submission got 1st place at the State Leadership Conference!

...We were also the only submission...

However! Because we scored at least a 70% (we aren't sure what our final score was, we just know we scored at least that), we get to compete and perform in Chicago during the summer and present this. We have until Midday April 24th to submit, and at the time of writing this it is late Tuesday, April 21st. 

The game has been updated (all though there is still work to do). It now includes:
  • Music / Sound Effects
  • Title Menu
  • Multiple Levels (still working on an finalizing, the later levels are currently test levels)
  • Improved AI code (although there is still work to be done)
  • Slightly tweaked mechanics
  • Optimized code
If you find any bugs or have any comments before Friday, please send us an email through the "Contact Us" page, that would be greatly appreciated. We will be uploading the "final" code either Friday or Saturday, depending on whenever our schedule is open. It should be completely updated on Github though by the time we submit.